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ZTI Solutions, LLC provides a comprehensive set of consultative, engineering, and architecture services. We employ an entirely vendor-neutral approach. In a product selection scenario, you can be assured that we will select or recommend the best product and not be swayed by vendor relationships or brand names. Our personnel maintain vendor certifications across the spectrum so that we can work effectively with nearly all mainstream infrastructure equipment vendors.

Our consultative services revolve around four main areas:

Information Technology Infrastructure
ZTI Solutions, LLC personnel are experienced in servicing all facets of network & infrastructure engineering engagements. We are able to design & build new environments from the ground up, as well as troubleshoot and maintain existing environments. Our vendor-neutral approach allows us to work with the equipment you have, without making recommendations that you purchase equipment we are familiar with.

We specialize in so-called “difficult” circumstances, such as multi-agency/multi-network build outs, and collaboration environments. We also have extensive experience with VOIP, encryption technologies (HAIPE, etc), Internet connectivity, and advanced engineering & troubleshooting support. We can also provide systems administration for Windows and UNIX/Linux environments, along with training services.

Information Assurance, Forensics, and Incident Response
Information Assurance (IA) is vital to any US Government agency. Known as Information Security in the commercial world, this function entails both proactive and reactive services aimed at enhancing the security posture of an agency or organization. Development of security policies, architectures, and processes also fall under this service area. The design and implementation of firewalls, intrusion detection systems (IDS), and intrusion prevention systems (IPS) are special areas of focus for our personnel. We are also capable of conducting comprehensive vulnerability assessment and penetration analysis engagements, along with application code reviews.

From a reactive perspective, we provide incident response and forensic services. Each such engagement is different, but we possess the tools and talent to bring them to a successful conclusion. We are able to conduct forensic analyses ranging from simple log analysis to complex in-place collection and seizure. Our personnel understand the law enforcement interface, and any evidence collected will obtained in a forensically sound manner so that it may be leveraged by law enforcement personnel should the need arise.

Certification & Accreditation
ZTI Solutions, LLC has personnel with extensive expertise in C&A initiatives at all levels of classification. Our most common C&A engagement involves DIACAP, but we are conversant in DITSCAP, FISCAM, ICD 503, and SAS70 reviews as well. We can also conduct regulatory compliance reviews (FFIEC, for example), along with initial definition of baseline controls as required.

In addition, we can act as external auditors, conducting external reviews and quality assurance services. We also provide training in all of the above areas.

Staff Augmentation
ZTI Solutions, LLC offers staff augmentation services that allow our employees to be your employees. Whether for a C&A effort, project-based consulting, implementation surge support or operational surge support, our employees possess the knowledge to get the job done efficiently and effectively. We provide the discretion to ensure that you remain in the driver’s seat with your client. With your company providing project management and client management, we work quietly in the background to ensure your success.

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